Office Cleaning Tips

Although you may have already contracted office cleaning services for your workplace, there are still a number of things you can do to ensure cleanliness and tidiness. Getting everyone in the company involved in the cleanup effort will help commercial cleaning services do a better job, and it generally contributes to a cleaner workplace all around. Here are some tips on keeping your office neat and tidy.

Keep cleaning materials handy

Having essential cleaning materials readily available will encourage everyone to pitch in and do his share. Keep a closet or even just a couple of drawers in the general work area stocked with dusting sprays, glass cleaning solutions, wet wipes, paper towels, rags, and brushes. These materials should be sufficient for all but the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Keep things organized

Minimizing clutter is an important aspect of keeping the office space clean. Any piece of office equipment that can be moved should be returned to its proper place as soon as possible after use. Filing cabinets, pigeon holes, and overhead storage compartments can also help reduce clutter considerably.

Reduce desk clutter

Desk clutter should also be reduced, with each employee taking on the responsibility of keeping his own desk tidy. A cluttered desk often results in a domino effect wherein the clutter slowly starts to spread outward from the desk area. Clutter also hinders efficiency, limits productivity, and results in a generally messier office.

Clean your computer periodically

Computers are practically ubiquitous in the workplace by now, and they require their own special care and attention. The monitor and keyboard should be wiped down regularly with special wipes that can be purchased from a computer supply store. It is also a good idea to discourage employees from eating at the workstation. If it cannot be avoided, make sure that everyone is informed of his responsibility to keep his own workspace clean.

Clean your phone even more often

Because phones are handled by more people, they require even more frequent cleaning than computers. Periodic dusting is necessary, and a general purpose cleaning spray can be used for cleaning off oil and gunk buildup. It is also advisable to wipe the ear and mouthpieces and the dial pad with rubbing alcohol.

Keep common areas clean

Areas where people gather or those that are used constantly throughout the day are magnets for trash and clutter. Common areas such as these should be cleaned by the people who use them, immediately after they are done. It is also advisable to implement alternating schedules for taking out the trash receptacles from the common area.

Set up a system for the office kitchen/pantry 

Cleanliness is especially important in office kitchens, pantries, or any other spaces where food is consumed, prepared, or stored. Employees should be required to clean up after themselves, and to segregate their trash for disposal. Employees should also label any food they store in the office fridge with their name and contents. This will prevent the accumulation of containers of food with unknown contents and unknown owners. The fridge should also be cleaned out entirely from time to time, with any remaining food consumed or discarded.


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